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We are having a Febuary special! Twenty-five percent
off all prices listed below. Shipping is included. Call now!

$360.00 Gold Table Top Unique

$545.00 Silver/back Rollagas

Some "SOLD" items are still available as special orders.

$475.00 Gold Lines Rollagas

$510.00 Gold Lines Unique

$470.00 Platinum Signature Rollagas.

$405.00 Leather Sport Unique

$545.00 Silver/pink Mini Rollagas Discontinued

$315.00 Brass Turbo Sport Unique Gas
$400.00 Petrol
Vertical Lines

$230.00 Petrol, Mirror Finish
$315.00 Silver Turbo Sport Unique Gas, Brush Finish

$370.00 Silver Lines Rollagas

$395.00 Nickle/Gold Rollagas

$520.00 Black Lacquer/silver Unique

$480.00 Horn Unique Discontinued

$345.00 Tin Can Unique

GMT $645.00



SOLD Rollagas 4 vertical lines Nickel $370.00

Horn discontinued

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