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8 different tobacco blends of your choice (half pound) for just $15.80 with other purchases.

$20 without other purchases, this includes shipping.

Aromatic Tobacco Blends
Our Best Seller! In this Aromatic house blend, lush Black Cavendish dances with Perique and Latakia to make this mild to medium Aromatic-English stepping-stone a worldwide favorite. Great for the beginner to the experienced smoker who enjoys a full body smoke with no bite and a wonderful aroma. We sale more of this blend than all others combined!
Blue Raider
This is our novice smokers #1 recommendation. A wonderful blend of Vanilla and Berries. A rich taste and aroma.
Boro's Best
A Black Cavendish (BCA, solid black) with a vanilla scent and a very rich flavor. Used in several popular blends to sweeten the taste.
Boston Cream

A wonderful house blend of mouthwatering vanilla cream with a mellow burn and a hint of coconut.

Braggs #1
Sweet processed Black Cavendish and Mild Burleys. Fanciful fruit and vanilla flavoring awakens this mild blends outstanding taste and evocative aroma.
Cannonsburg Vanilla
The pronounced flavor of sweet vanilla lends an air of distinction to this mild and tasteful Cavendish and light pressed Burley Blend.
Captain Black
Golden Virginia and Burleys blended with Toasted Cavendish for an all day smoke.
Cherry Cherry
A blend of three cherries and a berry make this house blend a beginner’s favorite. This blend is very aromatic and has a wonderful aroma, a sure crowd pleaser. A smooth and sweet draw takes on cherry in an aromatic dream.
A rich chocolate with a triple chocolate cake aroma and a savoring taste sure to make everyone in the room hungry.
Church Street
Unique Vanilla and Chocolate flavors elicit the excellent taste of these superior African Virginias, Burleys, and mild Black Cavendish tobaccos.
Country Gentleman
A blend of four back fire-cured tobacco with highlights of Sweet Virginia. Dramatically changes taste as you smoke it.
Crocket's Choice
A golden honey with a hint of nut flavor, enough to make the honeybees jealous.
Duck River
A subtle hint of fresh berries captures the essence of this elegantly mild mixture.
Father Bubba
Toasted Cavendish with Burleys and Virginias, for an enchanting aroma and unsurpassed smoke.
Georgia Peach
Actually tastes like it smells, tangy citrus taste and a light pleasant aroma.
Black Cavendish rich with coffee extract and dark chocolate, not too sweet. Great to blend with other tobaccos, but is a very satisfying smoke on its on.
Lynchburg #8
Genuine Whiskey blended with light and dark tobaccos.
Main Street
Burley based with Toasted Cavendish. Famous for mildness and aroma.
Maple Street
Maple! Maple! Maple
Golden Virginia and Burley tobaccos with a full bodied Toasted Cavendish and an extract of freshly roasted hazelnuts. Superb!
Old Fort
Four base blends, stored and fermented individually until the final hand blending. This blend has an aroma of Mild Hickory Nuts.
Old Nashville
This is a Burley blend without Burley's bite. This blend is not for the Cavendish smoker, but the country's largest segment of pipe smokers.
Doesn't Bite! Perfect taste and aroma, is what our customers report.
Raspberry and Cream
Mild Virginias and Black Cavendish aromatic with the fragrance and flavor of fresh red raspberries in cream. Delicious all the way down the bowl.
Rum Runner
Expertly blended Golden Virginia and Mellow White Burley with two Rums to produce a bite free taste.
Rutherford County
Close to Captain Black Regular, Golden Virginia and Burleys, blended with Toasted Cavendish.
Stones River
This blend is a nationwide bestseller. Golden Cavendish with a hint of fire-cured.
This is the most aromatic blend on the market. A blend of strawberry with an aroma of strawberry cake and a taste to match.
Whiskey (Highland)
Generously laced with aged whiskey from the Scottish Highlands for a popular flavor.
Must try! Black and Golden Cavendish, unexcelled for taste and aroma.

All Tobaccos on this page are $2.46 per ounce.
Half Pound (8oz) = 15.80
Pound (16 oz) = 26.20

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